Cupcake Clutch – Sex & The City

By on June 6th, 2008 . Filed under: Kids .

We featured the cupcake clutch a few months back and were surprised to see it in the Sex & The City Movie. Did anyone else see it? Charlotte’s little girl Lilly had it at the wedding.

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4 Responses to Cupcake Clutch – Sex & The City

  1. manda

    i DID see that! i thought it was adorable. considering that is IS a cupcake and a PINK one at that, it was too cute!

  2. Delaina

    I TOTALLY saw that purse in the movie – and I honestly thought of ATC. go figure…

  3. Lacey

    where do you get one.. can you buy online as I am in Australia. It was adorable!! i want one for my 18 month old daughter Summer.

  4. jessica

    i saw this too!! and it was cute as buttons and matched lily perfectly on SatC, however, an earlier article on this website stated it was 2500, i went to the neiman marcus site and since it’s limited edition, it was 5000 dollars!! i was so surprised!!!!!

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