Just Desserts meets Cakespy

By on May 30th, 2008 . Filed under: Tattoos .

It’s a small world after all. Head spy over at Cakespy Jessie Oleson and I first became acquainted hen she interviewed City Down in December. City dropped my name (along with The Urban Housewife) as bloggers she enjoys and so began a beautiful, three-or-four-way Internet friendship. Jessie and I traded cupcake toppers for paintings and I even spent an entire night recreating her famous Cuppie in edible form only be be outdone soon after by many other, more talented bakers (ahem, Bakerella.)

But narrow the scope even more and you’ll find yourself here, today, glancing at this Cakespy tattoo on Just Desserts‘ head sassbox Tara. She and I go back even further, to many years ago when she was dating my friend in Joliet and I was dating a now-professional wrestler named CM Punk.

It all comes full circle, in a tale as old as time- girl meets girl on double date, girls move apart, girl meets several other girls who like the same stuff as her on the Internet, original girl gets other girl’s logo tattooed on her. Classic.

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5 Responses to Just Desserts meets Cakespy

  1. greeneyedlillies

    It’s a small cupcake world after all! :)

  2. Melisser

    YES! That is awesome.

  3. Just Desserts

    this is probably the wrong place to do this but I totally have to give you props, Melisser, for the cross-utensils idea. It’s true, i have no original ideas whatsoever.

  4. Cakespy

    Fantastic. I am so unbelievably flattered!! And the tattoo artist did such a good job, the pink cheeks are perfect!

  5. bakerella

    That is awwwwwwesome! I bet it won’t be the last one we see either.

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