Update on Miss American Cupcake Contest! New deadline!

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Attention fellow Cupcakes! June 30th is the new deadline to enter!

We are looking for the best of the best from each state. Please submit your favorite cupcake, it’s baker, recipe, pictures of the cupcake, and contact info to us at All Things Cupcake. We are looking for the tastiest, best looking, most creative cupcakes out there. If the cupcake lends itself to the location it’s from, that’s even better! It’s like Miss America…but with cupcakes! ;) We will have state winners and eventually we will narrow it down. Only one cupcake will receive the overall title and prize pack. The contest is open to anyone who makes cupcakes. The prize pack will be a basket full of cupcake themed goodies and items.

send an e-mail to: allthingscupcake @ gmail.com

Deadline to enter has been extended to June 30th! Please include the state in the title of your email! Thank you! ;)

The cupcake does not have to be sweet…it can be savory. Please choose a cupcake that best represents the place it’s from.

Please spread news about this pagent to everyone you know who loves to bake, or just loves cupcakes. This could be a fun experiment, or project for alot of you. Bakeries are allowed to enter!

Good Luck,

So far we have cupcakes submitted from the following states:

AL, AZ, CA, IL, IN, LA, NC, NY (x2), and TX.

I have recieved messages from some of you stating that the following states are in the process of being made:

AR, IN, KS, MI, OH, & WA.

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8 Responses to Update on Miss American Cupcake Contest! New deadline!

  1. Rachel

    Can I enter even though I also post here?

  2. CB

    Can contributors enter?

  3. Tattooed Mama

    Yes Ladies!! You can.

  4. greeneyedlillies

    Yes, everyone can enter! ;)

  5. Sassy

    Pity this isn’t International.

  6. greeneyedlillies

    I replied to someone in one of the other posts about this contest. If you live outside the United States…you can still enter. You would just get to pick which state you are representing. Ladies within America will be baking for their state.

    So, of course, when we do move on to the Miss International Cupcake round ladies in the United States can enter, and they can pick the place that they are representing.

    Everyone can participate.

  7. Maria

    So will we get to see all the entries? I am excited to see them all this was such a fun idea!

  8. GreenEyedLillies

    By July 3rd I will post all of the enteries. Then you all will vote. ;)

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