Cupcake Bunting, Shade, Cushions, and Wallpockets

By on May 28th, 2008 . Filed under: Home Decor .

It is currently 4 am here, and I am still up finding the cutest cupcake stuff ever! My husband gets out of bed to see what I’m up to, and why I’m not in bed. Well once he sees that I’m still drooling over cupcake stuff he informs me that I need to go to cupcake rehab. I informed him that cupcakes are more important than sleep! I don’t have a problem…really. Well I might have a problem if I don’t get this cute cupcake stuff:

Cupcake Bunting

Cupcake Bunting £10.00

Cupcake Tiered Shade - Cream

Cupcake Tiered Shade – Cream £16.00

Tea Party Tooth Fairy Cushion

Tea Party Tooth Fairy Cushion £7.50

Cupcake Cushion- Cream

Cupcake Cushion- Cream £12.50

Cupcake Wall pockets

Cupcake Wallpockets £14.00

Available at Kidz Dens.

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