Kerri’s Cupcake Tattoo

By on May 23rd, 2008 . Filed under: Tattoos .

I spotted this cupcake tattoo in the photostream of fellow Flickr user Pandaramic and fell in love with the striped candle and the cute little texture dots on the cake itself.

Kerri says the tattoo is by Chris Stuart at Ace Custom Tattoo in Charlotte, NC. Oh, and as an awesome cupcake-related side note, Chris Stuart is friends with Johnny of Johnny Cupcakes.

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2 Responses to Kerri’s Cupcake Tattoo

  1. Star

    Aww yay that’s my best friend’s tattoo! Another cool side note, she got it way before cupcakes got so popular.

  2. Andrew Pelt

    Hey! Awesome site! I will definatley be coming back in the near future =)

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