Tons of Cupcakes at Pettiskirt Place

By on May 7th, 2008 . Filed under: Baby, Clothing, Kids .


Attitude Pie Birthday Princess w/Cupcake White Tank $39.00


Attitude Pie Birthday Princess Black Tank w/ 3 Cupcakes $36.00


Attitude Pie “It’s My Party” Cupcake White Tank $34.00


Oopsy Daisy Baby Pink Cupcake Top $50.00


Oopsy Daisy Baby Raspberry Cupcake Top $50.00

Available at Pettiskirt Place.

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1 Response to Tons of Cupcakes at Pettiskirt Place

  1. Katie

    Ohh these are so cute! I wish they made the Oopsy Daisy Cupcake Top in adult sizes, I would so wear it!

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