Wired Whisk Bakehouse

By on April 23rd, 2008 . Filed under: Bakeries .

One of the best bakehouse’s in Florida (in my opinion). This place has me coming back time and time again for their banana imposter cupcake! (picture coming soon). If you are ever on the Gulf Coast side of Florida, it might do you some good to stop by the Wired Whisk Bakehouse in Sarasota. I will be doing an interview and taking some pictures of their delicious cupcakes, asap! Until then, watch this yummy video.

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3 Responses to Wired Whisk Bakehouse

  1. Nina

    Ooh, I’m going to be about an hour from Sarasota in a month. I think I’ll have to stop by this bakery. :)

  2. Cyndi

    I love how the guy has frosting all over his face at the end! Reminds me of my daughter when I am baking.

  3. gina

    I am vacationing in the Sarasota area this week and stopped by this bakehouse today, based soley on your recommendation(I’m from MA). The banana imposter cupcakes are WELL worth the trip- thanks for the heads up. A couple of pointers for people looking for this shop- it’s in the Chili’s plaza and the sign on the street say Cookie Blooms…we drove by it twice. :) I will definitely check this site when making any travel plans to see if there are any “don’t miss” cupcakeries in the area I will be in. Thanks again.

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