Jansport Cupcake Backpack

By on April 18th, 2008 . Filed under: Accessories .

Jansport cupcake backpack

$49.99 on ebay! Better hurry only 4 days left!

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17 Responses to Jansport Cupcake Backpack

  1. Sarah

    These are available at Anchor Blue stores for a lot less… In two styles.

  2. nikki

    I checked and it already sold!!!

  3. nikki

    I bought one!!!!! I’m so happy!!!!!!!!!

  4. nikki

    you should buy one, they’re very,very,very hard to find.

  5. Carley

    My sister found me on in Seattle they are still out there. Anchor Blue….


  6. bb

    I can’t find it anywhere . I’ve looked everywhere online.

  7. Brook

    Do you ppl no where anything cupcake is im trying to find a cupckae beding bacause the theme of my room is going to be cupcakes and i only found one cupckae bedding exept it wasnt very good! so if you see any TELL ME! and where cabn u find this supckae back pack its adorible!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sarah

    where is anchor blue??? i have no idea where to find one.. is there one in MA?

  9. Sarah

    do you think one of you could go to the store and ask if they can sell some online cause there is not anchor blue anywhere around where i live!! I’m so sad i really want one!

  10. Sarah

    i found cupcake bedding at target idk if it is in stores but it is online in clearence

  11. supergirl

    hey i really want a cupcake backpack just like that one but i cant find one anywere plz some one contact me if you find one thats all i really want plz plz:)

  12. Tracy

    I am selling this Jansport cupcake backpack. I’ve only used it once and it is in excellent condition :) $75 obo…it’s extremely rare and you won’t find it anywhere!!

    You can email me at teenytracilla@yahoo.com


  13. Dana

    Can anyone please tell me where this backpack is?i Love cupcakes and i really want to buy the backpack!

  14. sydni sumner

    i would love to have this cupcake backpack. i collect anything with cupcakes on it. maybe santa claus will bring it to me!!!

  15. claire

    hi i am desperately trying to get hold of a backpack with cupcakes on but there is nowhere in the uk where you can buy one has anyone out there any ideas.

  16. Alena

    I can’t find the jansport cupcake backpack. Its really cute. I’m still want that backpack.

  17. Camie Wyble

    Messenger bags are always a nice touch to my getup. My colleagues usually call them man bags but I don’t really care. I used to go out without a bag as I like to be free but it’s really convenient having a bag with you. My pocket isn’t bulged by my cellphone and ipod. I could carry my gf’s stuff as well (whipped!) haha.

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