Murderous Cupcakes

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I started to wonder tonight if I should be concerned at all about the fact that I’m the first person on everyone’s list when they see some kind of dangerous, demented or killer cupcake. “What does this say abut me as a person,” I pondered. “Am I projecting some kind of violent persona?”

Then I looked at some of the evil cupcakes and found myself laughing. Maybe I truly am demented after all.

First up is this 1″ button from Jodi Von Rotten. Hatchet? Check. Meat cleaver? Check. Sprinkles? Check. Awesome. $1 at

These next two are actually from the twisted mind of a grandma. More specifically, my son’s grandma. Yep, my mother-in-law Jo started making kid’s shirts and tote bags featuring cupcake ninjas and zombies. Support your local DIY grandma at

This one’s a hand painted wooden plaque. According to the description it’s to hang in the kitchen to warn our boyfriend to stay out. I wonder if it works on husbands, only asking them to come in and cook you dinner. $15 at

Have you noticed that headbands are way too expensive? Every time I see one I like it’s like, $15 and I know full well it’s just going to give me a headache and end up in my purse anyway. Well, for $5.99 this one’s pretty cute, even if it does end up in your purse. Get it at

Here we have a pendant that says “I’m sweet, but I will wear your skull as jewelry.” So just in case you don’t already have a shirt that says that, you might need to send $75 to

And finally, if you really need to hit the world over the head with your depraved cupcake lust I give you this screen printed shirt which proudly proclaims, “I only eat evil cupcakes.” $16 at


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5 Responses to Murderous Cupcakes

  1. Bianca

    Seriously though, is it really that hard to engineer a headband that doesn’t make your head feel like it’s exploding? It’s bad enough that my feet have to suffer in cute shoes but now my head must too? It’s just not fair.

  2. Amanda

    Hehe thanks for adding my cupcake headband. I love all of the murderous cupcakes you chose =)As a side note I would like to add that pretty much everyone says that my headbands don’t hurt their head,because I don’t use plastic acrylic headbands that squeeze your head and make you want to scream in pain haha =)

  3. Jodi Von Rotten

    WOW!!! super thanks for putting me in your article. i also have cupcake tshirts, mirrors, and necklaces @

    funny thing about my lil’ buddy the killer cupcake. he is a featured character in a series of art that i do called Ambrosia. it’s full of evil sweets and zombies attacking poor, innocent fruits and vegies while the tooth army attempts to keep the peace. yeah, i spend alot of time with my killer cupcake. so much so, that i have him tattoo’d on me. he goes where i go. kinda like a blue bird on my shoulder or jiminy cricket, but i suppose it can be said that he steers me in the way of all things sugary and rotten.

  4. Melisser

    Insanely awesome post, gotta love the murderous cupcakes!

  5. Ambjer

    I finally got my killer cupcake button in the mail! It’s SO awesome–big thanks to Jodi Von Rotten. She even sent me an extra button [a bleeding tooth with a halo around top] and she has a neat business card/sticker thing too that I totally love too!
    That plaque thingy is cool. It’s sort of what I’m thinking about for a new tattoo!

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