Cupcake Soap – Hot Processed Real Soap – Birthdaycake and Cherry Vanilla scented

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Cupcake Soap

The bottom portion of this soap is scented with a fantastically strong birthday cake scent, and colored with a smidge of fdc color. The top portion is scented with a realistic Cherry vanilla fragrance, and was colored with an FDC red colorant & gentle pink kaolin clay. Because the fragrances used in this batch were so strong, she didn’t have to use much – making these soaps, with colorant, about 98% Natural. The sprinkles on top are actual candy sprinkles and will brush off rather easily if you want them gone before use. Otherwise, they’ll probably wash away the first time the soap is used.

This soap is handcrafted from scratch just like the rest of her soaps. She never uses melt and pour bases. This soap isn’t just cute, its also very moisturizing!

4 to 4.5 ounces each, and just as big as a real cupcake. Available at LilyBaySoap on Etsy. $4.25

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