Kawaii Cupcakes from The Cute Institute

By on April 9th, 2008 . Filed under: Accessories, Clothing .

There are three things in this world guaranteed to make me giddy: cupcakes, gnomes and anything kawaii (cute and Japanese.) Uh, there’s no gnomes here, but the other two bases are covered by The Cute Institute’s Zazzle shop. Two kawaii cupcake designs are available on stickers, t-shirts, bags and more. (There are lots of cute, non-cupcakes designs as well.)

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9 Responses to Kawaii Cupcakes from The Cute Institute

  1. annett casillas

    puees estha gheniial estha paGiina!!

    salee bY


  2. Valérie

    J’adore les gateâux!!

    Merci beaucoup!!!

  3. Kalie

    Ahh! I Love Love Love Kawaii! Its Like One Of My Fave Websites! Soooo Cute!

  4. Kalie

    I love Kawaii! <3 <3

  5. Micah Schlegel

    I tried three times today to access your blog. Are you having problems with hosting? Is it my Internet connection?

  6. The Train Man

    Paraguay progresses into the quarter finals of the World Cup! Who would have thought so?

  7. Bulah Peluse

    Error while commenting

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