Delicious Pink Cupcake Bustier Corset

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This pink and cupcake scattered top is so adorable, I am really not sure how you could pass this up!
Pink and white polka dot gross grain ribbon for the binding and adjustable satin pink bra straps were added for a sexy but sweet look. The back laces up like a corset to achieve a very slim waist.

Available at Sweatshop by Tiq $69.99

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7 Responses to Delicious Pink Cupcake Bustier Corset

  1. Amber

    i absolutely adore this!

  2. Ouassima

    Great idea this, i am seeing here different commands also thanks for sharing. I should just give up and take lessons from you

  3. bielizna

    The secret in getting a great fitting corset is making sure you buy one that is suitable for your body shape

  4. Adrienne

    Thanks so much again for your mention! I was so incredibly thrilled

  5. Ariane@combinaison

    I want to offer a bustier because i have no idea what i can offer to my boyfriend. Did you ever tried sexy lingerie ideas. If you notice yourboyfriend watch porn movie, then this may be a perfect sexy gift.

  6. Johnson Lattimore

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  7. Geoffrey Broad


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