Cupcake Kawaii Button Pack – Rainbow

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Cupcake Kawaii Button Pack - Rainbow

Pin on some cute with this Cupcake Kawaii (TM) button pack! There are 5 different 1″ buttons in a set: cupcake, squirrel, squid, robot, and kitty.
This listing is for one set of 5 buttons. $8.00                                                         Available at the Crystal Candy Etsy shop!

cupcake kawaii boxers

Cupcake Kawaii Boxer Shorts  $19.99

cupcake kawaii ornament

Cupcake Kawaii Ornament (Round) $11.99

You may also want to check out her website… and her cafepress… Cupcake Kawaii where you can find these awesome cupcake boxers and the sweet cupcake ornament! She has everything… clothing, coasters, clocks, and much more!

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