My Cupcake Tattoo for my Addi-cake!

By on April 3rd, 2008 . Filed under: Tattoos .

This February I got my first tattoos. I wanted something for my daughters, but not their names, so I went with their nicknames! I got a ladybug on my right ankle and a sweet little cupcake on my left back/shoulder area. The ladybug is for my 5 year old daughter…Kinley-bug, and the cupcake is for my 5 month old Addi-cake. I love my tattoos, and I love them even more because they are for my girls! Here are some pics of my tattoos from the night I got them!

my cupcake tatclose up of cupcake tat

ladybug tat

Here is my Kinley-bug, and my Addi-cake:


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5 Responses to My Cupcake Tattoo for my Addi-cake!

  1. CB

    aaawwww your girls are so precious. That cupcake pillow is bigger than her! LOL

  2. greeneyedlillies

    Aww! Thanks! ;)
    I love them! I have the greatest picture of Addi-cake trying to take a big bite of that cupcake pillow! hehehe

  3. Crystal

    Squee! Your little ones are darling! Beautiful photos of them, too!

  4. greeneyedlillies

    Thank you very much! I took the cupcake photo of Addi-cake! ;)

  5. SweetCupcake

    did you once have a tattoo where the cupcake is, and if so how did you remove it

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