Airblown Inflatable Cupcake

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Pink airblown cupcake

Airblown Inflatable Cupcake from Celebrate Express

This one is definitely not a lil’ cupcake! Simply plug in this blow-up and it self-inflates to 4′ tall in seconds. Includes adapter and interchangeable “Baby’s First Birthday” and “Happy Birthday” signs for use every year. Be sure to take pictures to measure your child’s growth. For indoor use. $24.99 .


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4 Responses to Airblown Inflatable Cupcake

  1. Jade Worrall

    so where can you buy these inflatable cupcakes…when i stumbled upon this site in google and i found what i have been desperate to find..i thought you would beselling so dissapointed…its just a site to look at what you can get…i have looked everywhere for one that can be posted to the uk. please help..we are having a cupcake theme for my 2nd Daughter’s first Birthday this March…am so desperate to find one.any help needed.Thanks.jade.

  2. kim

    website 1st

  3. christine

    hi, im trying to find this pink cupcake.. does anyone have a used one that i can buy??? they seem to no longer be avaiable online.. please help!!

  4. Lateefah

    PLEASE PLEASE I am trying to find this pink inflatable cupcake for my daughters 1st birthday party on Dec 18th..If anybody knows where I can get one let me know ASAP!!!!!!!

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