Cupcake Cutthroats: muffin-shaped electric art cars gone wild.

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(This is by far, one of my favorite features that I’ve done on All Things Cupcake. Thanks so much to Xeni for e-mailing me her video!!!)

Boing Boing tv presents CUPCAKE CUTTHROATS, a cakesploitation epic exploring the dark side of electric art-cars shaped like baked goods. These homemade vehicles are crafted by Silicon Valley nerds (including one engineer from Tesla Motors) and Burning Man enthusiasts in a Berkeley, California, warehouse. In today’s episode, Xeni joins the marauding muffineers for a 15-mph thrillride down mean, sugar-sprinkled streets.

CBS News almost blew our cover! The muffineers say, “We would especially dedicate our efforts in memory of Keith Taft.” A full list of cupcake art car bakers designers and drivers, after the jump.

If that video doesn’t work, you can


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3 Responses to Cupcake Cutthroats: muffin-shaped electric art cars gone wild.

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  2. Atypical

    I WANT ONE!!

  3. Kristina

    Me too! This is seriously one of the greatest things ever. I really might be convinced to drive if I could drive one of those!

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