Let’s Help Out Crumbs

By on March 26th, 2008 . Filed under: Bakeries .

Crumbs Bakeshop sent me an e-mail yesterday about shipping cupcakes.. They will be shipping their cupcakes nationwide.. in a few months. Once they figure out exactly how to. They are trying to master the art of shipping cupcakes so I told them I’d ask my readers if they had any suggestions for Crumbs.

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2 Responses to Let’s Help Out Crumbs

  1. Kim

    I think they should send me some as a trial run:)
    No, really, Martha Stewart sold mini cupcake boxes at halloween…they were little boxes with an insert inside. The cupcake nestled in the little hole with the icing popping through. There was a clear window to see the contents. I hope that makes sense!!

  2. Beverly

    I don’t suppose they could ship the cupcakes “unassembled”, with the frosting and toppings in packaging separate from the cake. I’ve heard their stuff is delish; to get them shipped I certainly would mind having some assembly required. I’m up for being a guinea pig, too!

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