Cupcake Containers

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Cute as a button.

Cradle your cupcake with this clever container! It holds a standard-size cupcake and prevents it from moving while in transit. The airtight seal preserves the freshness. It’s the perfect lunchtime companion for kids and grown-ups alike! Reusable. Hand wash only.

$2.99 each available at the Container Store.

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3 Responses to Cupcake Containers

  1. Violet

    These containers are actually too small for most cupcakes. Cupcakes from both Pittsburgh cupcakeries wouldn’t fit inside (too wide), and cupcakes I baked at home using a standard sized cupcake pan with standard sized liners were too wide as well. I e-mailed the company to ask about refund options but never received a response.

  2. hannah

    this watch is harajuku lovers, made by gwen stefani, not betsey D:

  3. H. Harolds

    Great of you to take the time sharing this with us, This is what makes the Internet so great

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