Kitchen & Housewares Show Chicago

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So, I spent all night baking for the Jessie Steele booth at the Kitchen & Housewares Show and the payoff was a whole morning of wandering around the McCormick center checking out all the rad stuff coming out this season and next for your kitchen and home. (Oh, and I also saw Paula Deen and her super cute husband, Alton Brown, Billy Mays -that guy who yells in infomercials- and Tre from Top Chef.)

There was no photography allowed, of course, because it was a trade show and dealers don’t take kindly to anyone trying to steal their ideas. But I will say there is a TON of cupcake stuff coming out within the next few months. Almost every kitchen product maker is coming out with cupcake cookie jars, sugar and cream holders, spatulas, coffee mugs, you name it.

I finally got to check out a Cup-A-Cake in person and my official verdict is: it’s cool. Seriously, I shook a cupcake half to death and it was perfect when I opened the container. I’d love to pack one in Teno’s lunch when he goes to school, but he’s going to Chicago Public Schools and I’m pretty sure he’d get the snot kicked out of him for bringing a little cupcake container to school with him. But yes, if you were as curious as I was about whether or not those things are legit they are. I’ll pack one in my lunch, no one messes with me about what’s in my lunch bag.

Another exclusive I can share with you from the show is that Jessie Steele is branching out and making really beautiful aprons for gardening, crafting and hair salons. I also spotted some gardening supplies- gloves and a bag. Tony tried on a BBQ apron and he really liked it, so if you’ve been considering a camo apron for your man, my man gave it a big, tattooed thumbs up.

So that’s the word- LOTS of new cupcake stuff coming out this season, the trend, apparently, is not going away any time soon (thank Godzilla.)

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7 Responses to Kitchen & Housewares Show Chicago

  1. Jamie

    I have many Cup-A-Cakes and I LOVE them! I bought mine at the Containter Store(Schaumburg, IL for those of you in the Chicago area). I always bring one to work. I get wierd looks, but hey, my cupcake looks GREAT!

  2. Jesse

    Dude, my boys go to Chicago PRIVATE school and I still think they’d get the snot beat out of them for bringing cupcake containers! :)

  3. Jenny

    i was at the show too and when i walked in i said “this is gonna be boring, i shoulda stayed home”. But after seeing Michael Chiarello, Paula Deen, Cat Cora, and Curtis Stone among others, I decided the show was kinda awesome. I took lots of pix and videos of the chefs. BUT I’m so sad I didnt see the Jessie Steele booth =( Oh well, I’ll just have to sneak in again next year!

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