Crying in My Cupcakes

By on March 15th, 2008 . Filed under: Accessories, Kids, Kitchen, Recipes, Tattoos .

Monday is my son Teno’s 2nd birthday, so we’re having a very Blue’s Clues party for him today. I marathon baked and decorated last night for that and then tonight my friend Jessica (the one who got the baking pin up on the first episode of LA Ink) is coming over to help me bake hundreds of mini cupcakes for the Jessie Steele booth for this week end’s Kitchen & Housewares Show.

I will be scoping out any cupcake-related housewares I see and sharing them with you all, of course. So I wanted to share this picture of Teno waiting for some lemon cupcakes to cool and also let you know that the Spring line of Jessie Steele aprons are now available, including the beautiful cupcake apron that I am the very proud owner of.

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  1. CB

    aawwww poor wittle guy! He just wants some darn cupcakes!! MEAN MOMMA!! hehe. Omg. I love the aprons – esp the cupcake one! You’ll have to pimp out that picture and link for everyone to see!

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