Cupcakes in Your Car

By on March 13th, 2008 . Filed under: Accessories, Other .

I live in Chicago and I see people do a lot of stupid things while driving: apply make up, eat salads, hold conference calls…

I have yet to see anyone attempt to eat a cupcake while driving, but I’m sure it’s coming. Maybe this will help curb temptation for a little while longer. I found this one on Amazon, and I’m hoping it’s available in retail stores because the shipping price is hilarious considering how big an air freshener is.

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9 Responses to Cupcakes in Your Car

  1. Bianca

    HA that is a ridiculous cost. I’m going to have to seek this out now.

  2. CB

    Thats adorable! Me want but… $7 to ship? I’ll see if I can find it at good ol Tarjay. hehe

  3. Cakespy

    I would like to see someone eating cupcakes while driving. Just hopefully not while I am in the passenger seat.

  4. Nichole

    Hey!! Love the site! I think that we carry those at target…i work at target and i know that we carry that brand not 100% sure if we have that exact one but no harm in looking :)

  5. Kristina

    hehe, my hubby ate a cupcake whilst driving just a few days ago! I fed it to him, but he still ate it lol
    I think I saw some cupcake air fresheners at Hot Topic a little while ago, not totally sure though.

  6. Tattooed Mama

    i wrote about this a while back and linked to the site where they sell it, not sure if this is the same site as what you posted.. i haven’t looked. ha ha.

  7. Jamie

    I got these air freshners as an xmas present. They were super strong so I had to have it air out for 2 months before I put it in my car. I haven’t seen them in a store though.

    Also, the ones they sell at Hot Topic are different. They are strawberry and they smell awful! Do not buy them unless you hav no sense of smell!

  8. City the NZCQ

    damnit, why do I have to live in NZ, the arse end of the world! We never have cool stuff like this down here! The cupcake air fresheners are super cute!!

  9. Jenny

    I live in Chicago and I love your blog even more know that I know you live here too! You are fantastic! Keep up the good work!

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