The Country’s Best Cupcakes

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Today on MSN there is a list of the Country’s Best Cupcakes.

Here is a quick list for you:

  1. Saint Cupcake – Portland, Ore. 
  2. Baked – Brooklyn, N.Y.
  3. Main Street Cupcakes – Hudson, Ohio
  4. Cupcakes – Chicago 
  5. Cupcake Royale ­- Seattle 
  6. Dozen Cupcakes – Pittsburgh 
  7. Love at First Bite – Berkeley, Calif. 
  8. Sugar Sweet Sunshine New York 
  9. Cake Fetish – Albuquerque, N.M.
  10. Lilly Jane’s Cupcakes – Eagle, Idaho
  11. Back in the Day Bakery – Savannah, Ga.

If you live anywhere near any of these “Best” cupcake stores, let us know your opinion.  We’d love to hear from you.

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14 Responses to The Country’s Best Cupcakes

  1. sara

    I live near Love at First Bite in Berkeley, and I agree that it should be on a top ten list–their cupcakes are most definitely amazing! :)

  2. bakeanddestroy

    I seriously think people in Chicago pick Cupcakes because the name of it is Cupcakes. They’re OK but this is a city FULL of awesome bakeries! Here’s a list of places to eat wonderful cupcakes in Chicago, in case any of you would like to visit me:
    The Bleeding Heart Bakery
    Sweet Mandy B’s (they’re cake mix, but the buttercream is amazing)
    Molly’s Cupcakes
    Alliance Bakery
    Angel Food Bakery
    Sweet Treats
    Southport Grocery & Cafe
    Milk & Honey Bake Shop
    Letizia’s Natural Bakery
    …it goes on and on!
    No diss to Cupcakes, but I think they et a lot of press for their name as opposed to their cupcakes.

  3. Kira

    Cupcake Royal is really good! They were at the Seattle Wedding show and they had a lavender frosting cupcake. I was surprisingly good and had a fresh after taste.

    I need to go checkout Saint Cupcake since I live near there now.

  4. CB

    Natalie, Whats your favorite chicago cupcakery out of your list? I have some friends that will be in chicago and I wanna suggest a fab place for them! Thanks! :)

  5. Bianca

    I’m glad that Sugar Sweet Sunshine made the list over other more “trendy” (and overrated in my opinion) cupcake shops here like Magnolia or Crumbs.

  6. Liz N

    I’m a Hudson resident and am thrilled to see Main Street Cupcakes on that list!

  7. Angela

    I used to live two blocks from Cupcakes in Chicago. I didn’t much like them. The frosting is sort of… hard. I don’t know. I’ve had better cupcakes.

  8. Anne-Marie

    Cupcake Royale is my favorite place to get Red Velvet cupcakes – and at this point, I’ve tried 7 or 8 cupcake places in the last six weeks.

    Kira, I was just at Saint Cupcake two weeks ago and preferred the Cupcake Royale cupcakes. Now, Cupcake Jones (also in Portland) made a mean Velvet Pearl cake. It’s a psuedo-cupcake with a cream filling inside and it’s moist and delicious.

  9. Kira


    Thanks for the heads up! I will have to try Cupcake Jones. :) Next time I am up in Seattle, I’m going to get me a red velvet cupcake and Cupcake Royale! :)

  10. Tasha Cupcaaake

    I’ve been to Cupcake Royale in Seattle and was very under-whelmed and unimpressed. The cake was dry and insanely crumbly – I had to have a napkin underneath me to catch everything. I was DYING for a glass of milk afterward. The frosting was okay, but nothing special. New York Cupcakes has Cupcake Royale beat by far, imo.

  11. Nathalie

    This is absurd! Crumbs Bakeshop NYC isn’t on that list! D:<

  12. Evie

    I’ve been to Cupcake Royale in Seattle twice, and was very unimpressed. The cupcakes are really dry, and the flavors aren’t great. They have cute little slogans and things which people like, but the cupcakes themselves are nothing to write home about. If anyone in Seattle is looking for a good cupcake, Trophy Cupcakes is great. They are really moist and have a constantly changing variety of flavors.

  13. Rebecca

    I havent been to Cupcake Royale yet, although I am planning to hit them up this weekend. However, I was at Trophy Cupcakes last weekend and was very impressed. Their shop is just darling, they had a good variety of flavors and their cream cheese frosting is to die for! I am going back there this weekend to try their marshmallow cupcake debuted on Martha this week :)

  14. Jaime

    I live by Lilly Jane’s in Eagle, ID. I hope to not offend anyone but I was NOT impressed at all! Yeah, they are very eye appealing, but that’s it. The flavor just isn’t there for either the frosting or the cupcake. I was pretty let down. Even my 5 & 3 yr. olds wouldn’t finish their cupcakes.

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