Muffins Are Just Ugly Cupcakes

By on February 29th, 2008 . Filed under: Clothing .

Ugly Muffins Tee


This fitted black tee has a front screen featuring 3 adorable cupcakes and a sad muffin. Why so sad? Probably because “muffins are just ugly cupcakes.” Poor muffin. 100% cotton. Wash warm. Dry low. Imported. By Loungefly.

You can purchase this shirt at Hot

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5 Responses to Muffins Are Just Ugly Cupcakes

  1. Natalie

    A whole bunch of stuff on Etsy’s front page today is cupcake stuff. There’s a cute deer print, I won’t bother explaining it, the cuteness needs to be witnessed.

  2. Alanna

    Ha ha ha!!! I’m going to have to show this to my roommate. He totally doesn’t understand why I get so irritated when he calls my cupcakes “muffins.”

  3. Harsh Patel

    hahahaha its an ugly cupcake!!! you never see those in india

  4. Gabby

    Ugly cupcakes? :-D I just started baking. I hope I will learn a lot on your site.

    Nice design. I really like it.

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    […] between cupcake and muffins gets a bit blurred, but I reminded her of her t-shirt that says that muffins are ugly cupcakes. Awww, poor muffins. They really aren’t ugly, but yeah…they aren’t all fancy like […]

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