Cupcake Crazy at Hot Topic!

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I’ve posted before about my love for Hot Topic and while on a business trip to the States last week I made sure we went to the nearest store so I could spend a good hour in there looking for goodies!! I wasn’t looking for cupcake things in particular but managed to come across these two lovely buttons for me to buy:

The first is a Jeffree Star one which is available on their site, here. The second, I’m assuming is a Loungefly one which unfortunately I can’t find but it should be in the store if you happen to be passing ;)

Jeffree Star ButtonLoungefly Cupcake Button

This led me to have a mooch around the online store when I got back to see what other cupcake-related items you could get from them at the moment, so here’s a couple…

First we have the Invader Zim Gir Cupcake Pig Tote, I’ve provided a close up so you can see the pattern better. This is $19.99

Invader Zim Gir Cupcake Pig ToteInvader Zim Gir Cupcake Pig Tote Close-Up

And second, the Morbid Metals 14 Gauge Cupcake Bones Curved Barbell – for all you girlies who have a tummy piercings, just $10.00.

Morbid Metals Cupcake Barbell

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