Rocker Jewlz: Cupcakes

By on February 21st, 2008 . Filed under: Accessories, Jewelry .

Sticking with the cupcake jewelry theme for this post, Rocker Jewlz has some adorable cupcake earrings. I’d love to own a pair of these yummy things! Here are a few of my favorites:

Summer Lemonade Cupcake – $35.00
Cherry Buttercream Cupcake – $35.00
Paris Chic Cupcake – $35.00

Lemon Tart Cupcake- $35.00

To View More, Visit Rocker Jewl Etsy Store.

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3 Responses to Rocker Jewlz: Cupcakes

  1. GreenEyedLillies

    I want some of those! The trouble would be picking just one pair. They are all too cute!

  2. Anne

    Its my birthday next month and I think I’m going to ask my husband to buy me this for sure! Its absolutely adorable!!

  3. Florencio Cackowski

    I choose to buy a rocker suitable for my own patio. Just which sorts of rocker should be the best just for the entire outside space and therefore ideal just in case i do not ever prefer to store this chair in my garage all over the cold season?

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