Cupcake Decor

By on February 20th, 2008 . Filed under: Artwork, Home Decor .

Is your wall too boring for words? Is baking the yummies and leaving them on the counter not good enough? Do you prefer to count cupcakes instead of sheep while trying to snooze?

Add a few cupcakes to your home decor! Found these on, “these pre-pasted, vinyl-coated wallpaper cutouts form beautiful accents and are a wonderful way to create great looking wall decor and accessories with just a little water and no artistic talent required.” D would probably rather me stick these on the wall then paint.

Wallies Babycake Cupcake Wallpaper Cutouts Scrapbooking

You can get them for $7.99 at this link

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4 Responses to Cupcake Decor

  1. CB

    too bad I don’t want kids. How cute would cupcake decor be in a little girl’s nursery? aawwww…

  2. Lemon Tartlet

    Make a big girl’s nursery! Prefferably with the right area for a tea party.

  3. Porfirio Vansicklin

    Howdy cheers for the new entry.

  4. Shizue Hannon

    I appreciate the persistence you place into your blog. I wish I had similar drive :)

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