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By on February 18th, 2008 . Filed under: Home Decor .

This is too cute. I would be afraid that my puppy would try to eat the walls too much LOL. Here we have a “Cute Cupcake Vinyl Decal Package” from the ceejay77 etsy shop.

“This listing is soooo cute!
Here is what you get in this listing.
Your choice of two colors for the circles.
-A total of 20 circles… all assorted sizes. from 4 inches to 1.
10 circles in 1 color. 10 circles in another.
-1 -5 x 5 inch cupcake. (comes in just one color)”

You can get this here for just $16.00. Even if you don’t have kids, why not decorate your room? I wonder if my husband would mind! haha!

Anyone live in Albuquerque, NM? I tried out a cupcake bakery the other day. It was my second time trying it but I wasn’t a part of ATC at the time. I will have pictures of the cute little cupcakes soon!

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