Cupcake Contest!

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Hey all you ATC fans, I would like to present an awesome contest to you! We are looking for the most unique cupcake. ANYTHING cupcake. This can be a baked cupcake, a crafted cupcake, a drawn cupcake, a super awesome cupcake item, ANYTHING cupcake and anything that is unique. You can use something already made or make/create something new but it MUST be yours.

If you have the most unique cupcake, you will receive a cupcake gift pack. This pack will include a ton of cupcake items! The prize itself is a surprise so you won’t know what it is until you win!

There will be 1 grand prize and 2 runner ups. The runner ups will get an adorable cupcake mirror, like one below.


You can send in your submissions through email or you can post pictures in the comments. Please include your name, email address, a brief description and of course an image. The winner will be announced in 2 week (march 3rd) through a blog here! Good luck!

EDITED TO ADD: A lot of cupcake fans have emailed me to ask me if these mirrors are available to purchase. They ARE! I can make a load of them so if you’re interested, they are only $6.00 and they come with a cute little velour bag! I have several cupcake designs to chose from or I can send a random one, just send me an email!

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21 Responses to Cupcake Contest!

  1. PrissyCook

    This submission is for my dear ol’ Dad. He’s been creating me cupcake art for a while and this one is my FAV:

  2. PrissyCook

  3. Tattooed Mama

    can contributors participate???

  4. Vanessa

    of course! :)

  5. Kristina

    Can I enter these guys as a set?

  6. CB

    Too fun! I’ll have to put my thinking cuppy cap on! Thanks for hosting Vanessa!

  7. Michelle

    I think I’ll have to get busy cause I’d love to participate :)

  8. GreenEyedLillies

    I have 2 fabulous ideas of things to make…how many can I enter?

  9. Vanessa

    You can enter as many as you would like!

  10. Kristina

    ooh we can enter as much as we like? I have a ton more cupcake art that needs a purpose lol

  11. Mandi

    Yay for cuppycake oven mitt!
    I love it! I made it for my mommy…but sell them on etsy too :) Its my entry in the contest! yay cupcakes! xoxox Mandi

    Im going to put the image codes here…im not sure if they will work though. If not…go here!




  12. GreenEyedLillies

    When is the last day to enter?

  13. Kira

    Is it past date to enter?

  14. Kira

    I hope I am not too late to enter…

  15. CB

    ^ I believe March 3rd the the deadline so you still have time!

  16. CB

    ^ I believe March 3rd is the deadline so you still have time!

  17. CB

    Vanessa, I emailed you!

  18. greeneyedlillies

    I had 2 super cute ideas, but got way to busy to make them. You could do another contest like this in a few months! ;)

    I can’t wait to see all the things everyone submitted and to see who won!

  19. Kira

    Was a winner ever announced?

  20. mandi

    I was wondering that too! I think the contest may have been abandoned!!! :o

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