Mine All Mine!

By on February 17th, 2008 . Filed under: Clothing .

ZOMG! They made me a cupcake girl, they really did! They’re gonna let me tell y’all about all the cupcake things I drool over! To celebrate, what’s better than spending money you know you shouldn’t? Can there be any argument with that? Even better, that money should be spent on one of my most beloved obsessions. Socks. These socks.

Baking Day Crew Socks

There was no other choice but to order them as fast as I could. Cupcake socks with additional pastries, every sensible person’s pick.

$7.00 at Sock Dreams

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6 Responses to Mine All Mine!

  1. Tattooed Mama

    where did you buy them??

  2. Carrie

    Hey Lemon Tartlet… welcome to the group!

  3. Lemon Tartlet

    Thanks for the help with my post, and thank y’all for the welcome!

  4. maggie ann

    Mmm, yummy. My hubby got me socks from sock dreams for Valentine’s day. They are over the knee lime and purple striped, delicious. he knows me too well…

    welcome lemon tartlet :)

  5. Annika Gilding

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