Cupcake Plush

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, spent lots of time with your sweetie and ate lots of cupcakes of course! I wanted to show you guys this little cupcake plush by Jelene. They are only $10.00 and they are super cute! I have one and I love it.

“Super cute baby cupcake in small size. The cupcake design is printed on cotton material with either a felt or fleece backing, depending on the stock I have.

These dolls are great for the cupcake lover! Makes a great gift for an plush collector too!

Measures approx. 5″x5″ – (also see my large cupcakes too!!)”

Can be found here. :D

Also, you should run on over to your local Target. All cupcake items are 10% (could be more in the next few days) off! The target I went to didn’t have much, they seem to sell out of the stuff pretty fast but you might be able to get a good deal! :)

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