Wedding (cup)Cake.

By on February 12th, 2008 . Filed under: Decorating .

The growing trend lately is Wedding Cupcakes instead of Wedding Cakes and that’s fine by me! Here are some sites for examples:

Cake Channel is filled with examples of cupcake towers.. and it looks like you can either rent them or buy them.

Yum Sugar has some picture examples.

To purchase a cupcake tree, go to Catering Supplies.

Here is another picture example from Light House Cake Company:

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2 Responses to Wedding (cup)Cake.

  1. Richard Rocca

    TM – I love this post. Thanks for the insight. My fiance and I are for certain towering those cupcakes – far superior than slices of cake not to mention a lot more fun to stuff the face when feeding the bride. I will share pictures of mine in September.

  2. maggie ann.

    Josh and I had cupcakes at our wedding instead of cake. They were a great big hit!

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