Cupcake Themed Nursery

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Sugar, spice and everything nice come together in a nursery collection featuring varied soft textures, all the best shades of pink and delicious accents of embellished ice cream cones, cupcakes and pies, as well as embroidered words like “Sweetie,” “‘Lil’ Cupcake” and “Cutie Pie.” It’s the best taste for your tiny girl!

  • The Sweet Shop collection includes great-feeling textured fabrics including tweed, corduroy, chenille and a shiny sherpa in combination of patterns like multicolor stripe, plaid and polka dot.
  • Four-piece crib set includes a fleece-backed quilt finished with chenille cording; four-sided padded bumper in patchwork design; printed crib sheet of 100% cotton; and tweed dust ruffle with striped pink and brown corduroy trim and pom-poms.
  • Coordinating accessories may include decorative pillows, diaper stacker, lampshade, window valance, musical mobile, wall hanging, wall border, rug and toy bag.

Can be found at Martex.

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30 Responses to Cupcake Themed Nursery

  1. Jasmine31

    This nursery is so cute!

  2. Cakespy

    OH MY GOD. Can I live in this nursery?

  3. Tracy

    Does anyone know where I can get that cupcake rug in the nursery picture? I have to have it!!

  4. Michelle

    Now if I’d only known about this a year ago when baby was born. LOL!!

  5. Emily S.

    that’s DARLING!!! Wonder if that lil girl would grow up to be a chubby cupcake lover like me??

  6. Liz N

    This baby girl room decor makes me want to have another girl soon! LOL

  7. GreenEyedLillies

    I saw it!
    I loved it!
    I bought it!


  8. GreenEyedLillies

    It just arrived today! Addi-cake and I love it! It is just so perfect. It has a lot of different textures! It is very well made and worth every penny!

  9. Pollyanna

    Hello Lady’s
    I also too love this bedding set. My mother in law bought the set for me before my daughter was born. I was wondering if anyone was interested in it. You can email me at For more info.

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  11. Shannon

    I have this bedding, my daughter is now 13 months and it still looks brand new! It is still soooo cute! LOVE IT! wish I had the rug…..

  12. Beth

    Where is the best place to purchase the cupcake bedding?

  13. Jennifer

    Wow….almost makes me want to have a baby!

  14. Dawn Gentner

    Where do u find this nursery? It is not under Martex. I would love to get this.

  15. Heather

    I was wondering where I can get this cupcake nursery decor??


  16. Jodi

    OMG!! I have been looking for cupcake stuff sence my daughter was born. I really want this!!

  17. Kate

    I am absolutely a HUGE fan of cupcakes and I immediately fell in love with this set. I am expecting my first child, a girl!! in Sept and this set would be awesome to have. Since the first link was broken- I looked it up online and found a site that is selling it.

  18. Emma

    Please Please can someone let me know where this amazing rug is from?? I need one asap for a show house that i am installing, so would appreciate a quick response.

    Thanks x

  19. Tori

    I really would love to find a cupcake rug! If anyone knows where please let me know. I’m buying this bedding too as well. So excited!

  20. Deidre

    Can anybody tell me where I could find this cupcake rug?

  21. Jaclyn

    I am looking for a rug like this too!!!! Where can I buy it at??????????


    I would love to buy this crib set dose it come in a portable crib size?

  23. Bunnycakes

    I think Sugar and Spice stuff is sold at Babies R Us. Not sure if they are carrying this design right now…I keep wishing I could have a girl, especially since they have this now! =)

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  25. Linda

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  26. Alejandro Lopez

    Please someone let me kbps where I can buy all this online! I am at Panama,Panama

  27. Colby

    Cool story bro.

  28. Melinda

    I want it for my little girl~
    Where do I buy it now????

  29. Monique

    I just bought it.. I LOVE it! You can find it at it was very reasonable in price.. I couldn’t find it anywhere else but here! People are very friendly and nice.. it can be purchased on line or in store depending where you live.

  30. Smitz

    where can I buy this, I’ve looked on the web sites and I can not find it.

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