Sweet Treats Decorative Pillows

By on February 6th, 2008 . Filed under: Home Decor .

Thanks to Felicita for sending this my way!

New! Sweet Treats is the latest addition to Sofa Garden’s Food Fun group of decorative pillow collections. These pillows are calorie free and will last for many years, unlike the real thing.

We’ve used a variety of textured velvets with these pillows. Embellishments include satin stitched seams and appliqued notions. Each has a carefully hand stitched closure.

Sweet Treats Collection at Sofa Garden

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5 Responses to Sweet Treats Decorative Pillows

  1. Jessica Waters

    do you have the pattern for this design????

  2. dekorasyon

    decorative pillows very nice. Thanks

  3. kadın

    hmms very good. thanks admin

  4. Rey Peacy

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