Cupcakes Bike Jersey

By on February 5th, 2008 . Filed under: Clothing .

Cupcake Bike Shirt

Cupcake Bike Back

Ha!  Cupcake bike jerseys! 

Now, when you are racing down the road on your bike, you’ll look super sweet in your cupcake bike jersey.

Found this cute little number from Sugoi over at R.E.I. for $70.00

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2 Responses to Cupcakes Bike Jersey

  1. Liz N

    This jersey makes me want to out on my mountain bike again…just so I can wear it!

  2. Ivonne

    HI, Where can I get a Cupcake bike jersey?, I have scoured the internet looking for one, but everywhere is out of stock or not selling them anymore. Any ideas?

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