Toy Flashback

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If you were born in the 80’s or earlier, maybe you remember Cupcakes dolls? I do! They were cute little girls wearing big frilly gowns and bonnets, each uniquely scented like a different confection. When you flipped their underside out, they turned into cupcakes! These little dolls are quite the collectors items, only available second hand and places like ebay. A quick search unearthed a number of fan sites boasting huge collections of these scented 90’s treasures- my favorite being this one!

All this digging lead me to another cupcake related toy from the late 80’s- Cherry Merry Muffin!

Now I DEFINITELY remember this one! I wanted to collect them all :) It looks like the cupcake crazy isn’t quite a new thing- Cherry Merry had created quite the empire back 20 years ago. Check out for some very comprehensive info on the toy classic and all her friends (who could forget Chocolottie and Penny Peppermint?)

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6 Responses to Toy Flashback

  1. Anonymous

    They brought these back – they were in stores for like .02 seconds though =). However, my local Walgreens has a couple of the new generation Cupcake dolls

  2. Vanessa

    OMG, I soo remember those, I think I had like 3 of them lol!

    I started early!

  3. jessilynn

    WOW, that is soooo cool. I totally remember those cupcake dolls. I miss them so much!

  4. melissa d.

    haha, as i was scrolling through your pages i had just started to think about those dolls! and *poof there they are :)

    i had that exact one!

    mmmm, i can smell them, just thinking about it!

  5. Alice

    I remember my parents eating tons of cupcakes in France to get a free Cherry-Merry-Muffin gift (a carussel). I still own it… it’s over twenty years ago now… I collected that stuff like crazy…

  6. SoftDDL

    May I use some of your post if I link back to you?

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