New Look!

By on January 30th, 2008 . Filed under: Blog Design .

All Things Cupcake is All New! I am working on some changes right now, but what do you think?? More things will be added momentarily.

As most of you know, I run my own web design business called Cuppycake Designs however, for this site I wanted something a little different.. so I asked Gis to help me create something “cupcakey” and well.. she did just that! Thanks :)

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8 Responses to New Look!

  1. Gis

    I am so happy :D

  2. April

    I LOVE this new design! I check this site out everyday and absolutly love it! Very cute!

  3. GreenEyedLillies

    I love the new look. It is perfect! ;)

  4. Allison

    I love this!!

  5. bethany

    beautiful new site! well done!

  6. angela

    wow!!! I´m in love with this new look, so cute!!

  7. Gis

    I am so happy everyone likes it!! :D *so proud*

  8. CB

    WHOOO HOOO! I finally made it here. I had to DL mozilla b/c my IE wasn’t working with the new website. I must be obsessed! ;) Love the new website! All the contributors are too cute!

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