How to say "Cupcake" in doggy?

By on January 27th, 2008 . Filed under: Pets .

Our little family has recently, blessedly, been expanded– in a canine fashion. We have been made the, very proud, parent’s of a six week old dachshund puppy. Barrett came into our life in the midst of tragedy, his little mother passed away, and therefore he and his brothers and sisters had to be adopted out. He is at such a very young age that we have to take special precautions that he doesn’t get too cold in these arctic temperatures. So he wears sweaters. I can not rave enough about the benefits of dressing him warmer. He is so much more content and I worry so much less. Something simple like this cute cupcake sweater from Modern Tales is not only adorable, but practical. The only thing not quite so practical is the price tag, at $62.95, its a little too rich for my blood. However, the inspiration is priceless. I know that when I learn to either crochet or knit I will make my way to these free pattern and then customize something cuppycakey for my lil’ guy (in more manly colors, of course ;)

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