Cupcake Toppers

By on January 27th, 2008 . Filed under: Accessories, Decorating .

Hey cupcake is right! With these cuties perched on top of your cupcakes, everyone is sure to enjoy.

Get 24 custom cupcake flags, like these pictured, but in the color scheme of
your choice. You choose paper color or color(s). Ink colors can be black, brown,
gold, silver, pink, red, and more (just ask). These flags can say “Hey Cupcake”
or “Happy Birthday” or I can leave them plain with no wording. I can also
decorate the edges with glitter.

$8 brought to you by Peptogirl Industries.

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3 Responses to Cupcake Toppers

  1. Amy

    awww…thank you! love your blog!

  2. Jordan

    I don

  3. steph hutz

    I would like to get a quote on 144 custom cupcake flags. I have 4 desserts and will need 36 of each kind.
    I have artwork that I could send that will need to be printed on the flags.
    My direct line is 330-668-5782.

    thank you.

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