Cupcake Tattoos

By on January 26th, 2008 . Filed under: Tattoos .

We stumbled upon the site Yummy Tattoos which has some FABULOUS cupcake tattoo ideas! Who doesn’t love yummy cupcake tattoos?!?!?! Noone!!!

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17 Responses to Cupcake Tattoos

  1. Tattooed Mama

    superwife and i both have cupcake tattoos!!!

  2. Carrie Sue

    That is so awesome! I’ve been on the fence, but now I am sure I’ll get one, I just don’t know the exact location for such a tat… suggestions?

  3. Vanessa

    tattooed mama – i went through the tattoos section to make sure that the video wasn’t there… i also did a search on flickr for cupcake tattoos and saw you 2 there :D

    carrie sue – i was gonna get mine on my wrist, i can’t now because both wrists are taken with tattoos but i think that wrist tattoos are cute. back of the neck looks like it would be pretty painful, plus, i have hair so no one would ever see it! :)

  4. Amy

    What about above your ankle?

  5. porcalina

    I’m planning on getting one too. I just have to decide on where

  6. Eddy

    This is important information for such a newbie who really want to get tattoo, why don’t you guys try on your wrist? ankle will be hurt more.

  7. Fraidy

    I’m getting one on my middle right finger (with crossbones underneath).
    I think it’s the perfect place because it’s tiny and sweet,
    just like a cupcake!

  8. One Love

    Wow! I really love cupcakes…. their awsome. Imma get me 1….

  9. vony

    i love cupcakes….. iwnt one too
    defenetly get n 1 on my ankle soo kute…

  10. ems

    I have a cupcake on my foot

  11. jocely

    i have a softball sized cupake on my thigh. its amazing. the wrapper itself took an hour and a half. is there any way we can post pictures?

  12. hungry runner

    Jocely, email us at!

  13. Alexus

    This was a good site.

  14. SkinHeadGirl*Nath

    I really love this page,
    becuase me too i have a cupcake tatto
    if you wish i can send mi pics

  15. Ally

    I’m really wanting to get “Life is sweet” with a tiny cupcake next to it done.

    Am just not sure where to get it.
    Was thinking wrist but I’m not sure yet.
    This will be my first.


  16. Lainey

    I am thinking of my first tattoo and i am wanting a cupcake. I am super excited I love cupcakes and I just thought that would be a great first tattoo

  17. sandee

    a tattoo of a cupcake on my arm

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