Cupcake Crafts & A Contest!

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I wanted to post something a little different from just shopping cupcake items so I opened up google and did a search for “cupcake crafts tutorial”. The items that I came up with were simply amazing. That there to your left might look like your ordinary crocheted cupcake, but its so much more!

It is an actual crocheted cupcake. Inside of it, is a yogurt container. Isn’t that amazing!

“I came up with these cupcake containers as a multi-purpose gift this past Christmas.

Each “cup” is formed around a yogurt container, with chenille “cake” and “sprinkles” on top.

I filled each one with jewelry, lip gloss, and other fun trinkets.

They’re a great way to re-use yogurt cups and finish off yarn scraps. “

You can find the whole tutorial here.

EternalSunshine is having a Valentine’s give away and all you have to do is comment on this post by February 1st and one lucky commenter will win one of these amazing crocheted cupcakes!

If you would rather purchase one, you can do so at her Etsy Shop. She has red velvet and chocolate, each adorned with some adorable heart buttons!

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3 Responses to Cupcake Crafts & A Contest!

  1. PrissyCook

    I’ve got a cupcake crocheted scarf that I totally love. Thanks for the post.

  2. GreenEyedLillies

    I love those. I am going to have to try to make one for my Addi-cake. Those are super cute!
    Thanks for posting! ;)

  3. Maggie Ann.

    Great post, phenomenal finds! I posted a something similar just the other day :)

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