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Can someone hand me a tissue please? Of course, if you pulled one out with this handy tissue holder, you would be admired by all the cupcake fans! I think MercysMark states it nicely when she says:

“These ain’t yer grandma’s tissue holders!!!”

You got that right! You can get this beauty for only $5.00 right here! Better get it fast, I hear colds are going around!

“This pocket tissue holder has been created from Red and white hearts fabric and a solid red cotton that I adhered the CUTEST glitter cupcakes with heart sprinkles onto! The inside is lined with the hearts fabric. There is a piece of heavy interfacing on the back of the pack for extra sturdiness. The seams have also been serged so this little cutie should be around for quite awhile! :) Measures 3″x5″ and fits the standard pocket tissue pack.”

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