I’m the new girl!

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Hey everyone! My name is Vanessa and I am a new blogger here at All Things Cupcake. I am so excited to be able to blog with these awesome ladies. I am gonna start you off with something that I have been drooling at for a while..

See those cupcakes, don’t they look just good enough to eat?? They look so real! These are mini cupcake picture or place card holders by JenniBOriginals for only $5.00! Buy any amount and put your family and friends in it!

“This darling little cupcake can be used as so many things! It can be used as a place card holder at a bridal shower, baby shower, or birthday party and let the guests take it home as a favor. You could even use it as a picture holder.

The cupcake base is white and then colored (and VERY realistic) icing is added in pink, white, or green. Your cupcake will come with multicolored sprinkles unless specified to have it made without sprinkles and in one of the above colors unless specified. Then a hook is placed into the icing and you can add a hanger or ribbon for your tree or anything else you desire.

Cupcake is the size of a mini cupcake. “

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4 Responses to I’m the new girl!

  1. kate

    what could be better than a pretty cupcake? i teeny tiny one! so dainty! so cute! i’d have to eat 4 of them!


  2. Fashion Babble

    I really love all the cupcake related items you put on your site. makes me wish I could buy them all! :)


  3. Melisser; the Urban Housewife

    VERY cute!

  4. April

    I love these!!!

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