Oh, Kitson, how I love thee

By on January 20th, 2008 . Filed under: Clothing .

Last year during an impromptu trip to Los Angeles, I begged my husband to go to Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood. A strip of overpriced boutiques and restaurants, I was in Hollywood Fan-Girl Heaven. I felt like such a starlet walking into Kitson, which was obviously my first stop. T-Shirts and the like rang in at a whopping $65+ so I sadly left empty handed, but the buzz in that place was that of over the top girlyness and decadence. I loved it! You don’t have to hit the streets of LA to get in on the Kitson Goodness though!

This pair of mittens will surely get you through the remaining winter months in sassy cupcake style! $48 at shopkitson.com

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  1. Ambjer

    I’ve got THE cutest cupcake mitten/gloves [the convertible kind].
    AND they only cost $20 [that’s WITH the shipping and handling!].
    kreativekarendesigns on Etsy is who made them for me.

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