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Today I stumbled across a really fun website Amy Smyth Made It. All of her products are made in the USA and the paper and envelopes are recycled.

She encourages you to “write a freakin’ note” with sophisticated, funky and uncommon stationery. When Amy decided to start a stationery business based on her illustrations it was only natural that the products were going to have attitude. She is from Jersey; her family lives in Philly and her husband is from Brooklyn.

Amy, the owner and designer, of Amy Smyth Made It, has had a love of paper, color and design as long as anyone can remember. As the story goes when she was in her playpen she would be entertained for hours by looking through catalogs and feeling the paper. Yes, you read that correctly- feeling the paper.

Amy Smyth Made It is being recognized by the press and quickly becoming a source for anyone who is looking to express their style, sophistication, and uncommon taste through their stationery.

Inside caption of this card:
Ignore the effects it may have on your butt, and have a Happy Birthday.

Blank inside.

Set of 10 invitations.

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5 Responses to Amy Smyth Made It

  1. Maggie Ann.

    Carrie! These are just great. I especially love that they are made in the USA and that all the “paper and envelopes are recycled.”

    Gotta love cute stuff that supports our economic system and our environment!!

  2. slush

    Those are super sweet! Love the caption on the first one. Too cute!

  3. Cakespy

    Love, love, love!

  4. bethany

    oooooh, i LOVE her stuff, and I found more ice cream notes! WHEEEEEE! Thank you thank you!

  5. bethany

    oops, my website is NOT Amy Smyth Made It! Accidental cut and paste! MY website goes well with cupcakes though…

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