Positive Affirmation Cupcakes:

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Today was my mother’s birthday. At the moment funds around our household are a bit limited, and anyway, I wanted to do something for her that went further beyond something I could just buy. All along I had planned on making cupcakes, because that is how I like to celebrate special days. In a spark of inspiration I remembered these beautiful affirmation stones blogger Dancing Mermaid left for her friend (on her birthday) and I knew what I would do. I would create positive affirmation cupcakes for my dear, dear mother. Sustenance for her body and spirit.

And here they are.

Tips and tools:

  • To attain the smooth surface of icing I used a regular store bought can of, vanilla, icing. However, I first melted half of the can in the microwave and then added, spoon by spoon, the remaining unmelted icing from the other half of the can until I reached a consistency that was proper for ‘dipping’ the cupcakes. By dipping I mean just that! I dipped each tiny cake into the bowl of melted icing and then placed it back on the tray to cool and ‘set up.’
  • After the vanilla canvas set up I then wrote the positive affirmations on the cakes with Cake Mate Writing Icing in Classic Colors.
  • While writing on the cupcakes my only tip is GO SLOW. If you go slow and brace your hand you’ll do fine!
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5 Responses to Positive Affirmation Cupcakes:

  1. maurine

    what an absolutely beautiful idea!

    i love that different ways you can go with this as well.

    literary cupcakes. AND HOW!

  2. Jan

    Your affirmation cupcakes are great. What an inspiration. Many different applications sprang to mind when I saw the photo. Great job.

  3. CB

    aaawwww. how special! I am sure your mom will love them. I am definitely putting this idea in my mental cupcake roladex for the future. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Maggie Ann.

    Maurine-y- i’m pretty excited about them! and i have more writing icing left so we may just have to have another cuppy-cake party with our own special words and theme. Any ideas??

    Jan- Thank you thank you! I love all the different directions you can go with these, laying in bed this morning I thought of even more words to capture!

    Cb- Thank you! My Momma did love them, and I’m so glad! Have fun with your own designs!

  5. bitterbabe

    those are so cool! I wish i could have one every day!

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