Here’s an idea for the new year…

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Have a DIY cupcake party!

Flickr user t-dawg says-

“for kate’s bday, i wanted to make cupcakes, but i couldn’t decide which cake/frosting configuration to make. so i decided to let everyone choose! i made vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, and vanilla bean, chocolate, and coffee frosting, and let people frost their own cupcakes. so delicious. “

I think this is great idea for a fun, creative, and TASTY party! Even your most fickle friends will find a flavor combo they love when they’re the one’s putting them together. Maybe even a station with different decorations, sprinkles and toppers? Don’t forget to bring a camera :)

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2 Responses to Here’s an idea for the new year…

  1. Christy

    While growing up, we had little to no money. For each birthday from age 6 and up we decorated either cupcakes or cookies and then did not have a big b-day cake. I remember having the most fun at these parties. I will continue the tradition with my kids. I highly recommend it for children of all ages.

  2. jezebel

    that sounds fun. i’m turning 21 in about a little over a month and i don’t want to do the typical bar-hopping and binge drinking thing. maybe i’ll have a few people over for wine and cupcakes!

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