The question is….

By on January 10th, 2008 . Filed under: Cupcake Ideas .

Is a cupcake with no frosting still a cupcake?

My grandmother, who was a home economics teacher her entire career, says yes. She told me “A muffin should crack on top, a cupcake should not. It’s as simple as that.” In her mind, any little cakes that have not cracked on top, are cupcakes, frosting or not.

What do you think? Delurk and tell us your take on cupcakes sans frosting. Id love to hear your opinions!

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6 Responses to The question is….

  1. Carrie Sue

    Cake is cake is cake. If the cake comes in a cup than it is a cupcake. This is true with or without frosting, sprinkles or filling.

  2. Jan

    I’m with your Grandma. Cupcakes do not require icing. If it normally is a cake, and you make it in 12-24 servings, then it is a cupcake baked in a muffin tin.

  3. CB

    Hmmm… maybe I am doing something wrong b/c sometimes my “cupcakes” crack. *shrugs.

  4. lemontartlet

    Frosting is like clothing, hair dos, and make up. Things might look fancier or be a little sweeter, but they don’t make the woman, or the cupcake.

  5. Alicia

    Frosting doesn’t matter; you can frost both cupcakes and muffins. For me, it’s all about texture. Cupcakes have a refined texture; muffins have a more rustic, uneven texture. This usually depends on how it’s mixed, I think.

    I don’t know if this relates to cracks on top, I’ll have to notice the next time I make muffins!

  6. libertinewoman

    i dont know about you guys but for me muffins are a different recipe here in OZ. Its a wettish unrefined mix whereas cupcakes and cakes in general are a finer mix.
    And a cupcake is still a cupcake if it doesnt have any frosting, they are just naked and we all know there is nothign wrong with that ;)

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