Billabong Vs Johnny Cupcakes

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Johnny Cupcakes just posted about this on his site. Billabong has taken his design and used it for one of their latest shirts. Not nice, people.

In his words:
“Oh no you didn’t!

Above you can see my original golden tooth Johnny Cupcakes design, which was created and released in 2005. It was featured in many magazines, blogs, and even seen on television. Next to it you’ll see something very similar.

Anyways, a ton of my loyal fans just sent me some different links to this new shirt that Billabong JUST released, called “Billabong Bling Bling”. Looks familiar, eh? It’s the exact same thing, minus the cupcake! Look at the teeth, look at the bottom row of teeth. With them being a bazillion dollar corporation, you figured they could of at least changed it around a little bit, or hired a decent designer. I guess they had to do this so that all the other corporate giants wouldn’t pick on them for not being bully enough. Tssk Tsk!

Please spread the word on this not so good situation / “coincidence” via blogs, myspace, facebook, etc.. The truth MUST be told about this type of nonsense! (Feel free to use the photo & info above.)”

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2 Responses to Billabong Vs Johnny Cupcakes

  1. Jan

    Shame on Billabong.

  2. Maggie Ann.

    Oh my! This is absolutly horrible. It is so sad when multi-millions or dollars makes a company feel like they have the right to sleal from someone else. Yuck on Billabong.

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