52 cupcakes in a year!

By on January 8th, 2008 . Filed under: Recipes .

My friend Brina over at Brina Bakes is on a year long mission to make a different flavour cupcake every week of the year! So far she’s done Clementine Cream cupcakes and this week was the turn of Pina Colada cupcakes! They look completely delicious to me (although I may be biased) and all the posts complete with pictures and recipes so head on over to check out her progress in the up and coming weeks!

Edit to Add: She’s still taking flavour suggestions so if you have any, just comment on her most recent post!

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  1. mrs. parker

    yummy, i love pina colada anything. this recipe might inspire me to try baking cupcakes from scrath. i’m heading over…

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