We’ve Got a Yummy New Logo

By on January 3rd, 2008 . Filed under: Artwork .

Thanks to Ms. Cakespy for the lovely images she let me use for our All Things Cupcake logo. It has to be the most adorable cupcake artwork around. She is such a sweet lady and you should definitely visit the cakespy etsy shop. Purchase some of this artwork for your home.. I know I’m going to. (Click images for etsy listing)

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7 Responses to We’ve Got a Yummy New Logo

  1. Bethany

    love the new logo, but how could you not? cakespy has got to be one of my FAV illustrators out there!

  2. Carrie Sue

    Love, love, love the new header… very cute!

  3. Tattooed Mama

    thanks bethany and carrie. :)

  4. lemontartlet

    The new logo is adorable! Between All Things Cupcake and Cakespy, the net has become a much better (and tastier) place!

  5. Melisser; the Urban Housewife

    Cakespy LOVE!

  6. slush

    It is adorable! Cakespy kicks ass! And so do you Jess!

  7. Maggie Ann.

    These are so fabulous!

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